A self-portrait, in space.

Hey, I'm Andrea

I’m a design leader with 20 years of design experience and 10 years of leadership.


Award-Winning Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative

My career has spanned advertising, branding, interactive, and UI/UX, with major clients including Suzuki, Verizon, SanDisk, and Nokia.



I've helped hundreds of designers and creatives—from beginners developing their portfolios and getting started in the industry, to senior level designers and creatives leveling up their skills and doing their best work.



I believe leadership and management is it's own skill set, not just a senior position. I'm a proven leader with real management skills, including the boring stuff like schedules and performance reviews. I build happy, productive, empowered teams.

A few things

  • My now-mostly-abandoned food blog was once considered for a TV show
  • I have an irresponsible number of plants
  • One of my campaigns was the subject of a piece by Ed Helms on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Some great brands I've worked on

skype logoBank of America logoSanDisk logoSephora logoShutterfly logoVerizon logoDocuSign logoWashington Mutual logoMcAfee logoebay logoESPN logoTechTV logoskype logoSuzuki logoBlue Cross Blue Shield logoNokia logoSephora logo

Cool stuff by my teams and students

My portfolio goes back many years and has covered many major brands (available by request). For now, here are just a few recent projects that have thrived under my direction and critique. See a lot more here:

Bruce Li Exhibit campaign thumbnail

We Are Bruce Lee

Campaign concepts for the Bruce Lee exhibit at the Chinese Historical Society. By Young & Hungry, student creative agency.

Project Arrow Link
Sausalito Art Festival branding thumbnail

Sausalito Art Festival

Branding, signage, advertising, and more. By Young & Hungry, student creative agency.

Project Arrow Link

What people say about me

Just a few lines from the great people who I have worked with recently.

Associate Director
‘’I improved so much as a designer because of this class. Your lectures about branding and modular design were very useful and forced me to think about design in whole new ways. I also appreciate that you always had a positive attitude. You were very encouraging to me!’’
Graduate Student, Interaction & UI/UX 
‘’I continue to marvel at the prowess with which she leads her team and inspires her students. It is rare to work with someone so invested in supporting her team to reach excellence.’’
Department Manager
‘’If you don't get along with Andrea, the problem is you.’’

Get in Touch

Or email me directly at andrea@andreap.com

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